'Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.' - Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven

Have you ever stood under a railway bridge when a train is rumbling above you? Four hundred tons of steel drifting over your head. Life is brief and it's not what we take away from it that counts...it's not what we can suck from this organic mass in which we dwell...it's about what you can leave behind...How you can leave your mark for all of the Voyagers that will follow you.

All across the world, there are Voyagers. And they all stand under their own railway bridge. Some have already established their journey and don't listen to the sounds of the rumbling trains. Others wrap themselves in the layers of falsehood in a vain attempt to exclude the noise.

And the fear.

Shadowflag create soundscapes that primarily draw influence from black metal while allowing hints of thrash, doom and blackened metal to creep into their music. Incorporating poetry and spoken word, they mould their creations into more than simply music. The riffs are wound around tales and ideas as the words scream and growl like guitars. For it is words that we all have at the beginning and we will all have at the end....it is words that will stand forever. In 2013, they released their self-titled debut - featuring a 5000 word poem that is the tale of the Voyager and his quest for salvation. Following a favourable reception, they embarked on a UK tour and gained a loyal fanbase along the way. The intriguing effect of combining poetry with the darkness of the songs within was something that had not been tried before. And it worked.

One of their long-term goals is to play their debut album in entirety in the Tate Modern 'Turbine Hall' In London, UK. And any other interesting spaces dotted accross the globe.

In 2015, they released their second album entitled 'The White Grave'. Inspired by the folklore and imagination-stories of the world's abandoned street children, this album offers heaviness in abundance yet still combines it with the hanging intensity of the spoken word. It is the birth place of some of the most well-known tracks by the band including the anthemic 'And Hell Walked Laughing'.

'The Delusion Machine' was released in June 2017. Their third full length album saw the band explore the terrifying concept that the human species is essentially without purpose. The album is highly contemporary and of the greatest relevance in a world where emptiness at the centre of existence is becoming increasingly apparent. 'The Delusion Machine' is a journey through stark, darkly intelligent soundscapes filled with futility and despair yet also holding some hope and promise. It immediately received great reviews including being described by Dom Lawson (Metal Hammer, The Guardian) as 'killer (and mad)'.

The first release from 'The Delusion Machine' is 'The Beasts That Perish' and was accompanied alongside a video directed by the award-winning Phil Stubbs.


Distant paths that led to broken doors. Doors that opened into one room.

It is here that we converged. We had taken different journeys, but their underlying truths were alike. A passion for music, words and creativity bound us together, and it was from this unity that Shadowflag was born.

'Shadowflag is a creative union that encompasses all of our passions - music, art and words. We live for the idea. We live for the freedom. We exist for Shadowflag. Until the end. Voyagers....Unite....We are with you forever.'