Shadowflag will release their third studio album, entitled 'The Delusion Machine' on June 23rd. This release sees the band explore the terrifying concept that the human species is essentially without purpose. The album is highly contemporary and of the greatest relevance in a world where emptiness at the centre of existence is becoming increasingly apparent. 'The Delusion Machine' is a journey through stark, darkly intelligent soundscapes filled with futility and despair yet also holding some hope and promise.

'The Delusion Machine' features Anil Carrier (Anaal Nathrakh live) on drums and is mixed and mastered at Hellfire Studios by Ajeet Gill (Memoriam, Sacrilege, Hellbastard).

'This album is a logical step from where we left off on 'The White Grave'. It's certainly darker in its themes and possibly slightly heavier in its tone - but it's still injected with the groove and spoken word that we embrace so much. We are very much looking forward to unleashing it on the world.' JJ Flames.

Poetic black metal crusaders, Shadowflag, released their second studio album entitled ‘The White Grave’ in 2015. Through their trademark combination of riff-laden soundscapes and spoken word, they create worlds within worlds that spin and hiss, spit and scream. The 12 tracks on The White Grave are literally clawing to get out.

'The White Grave' AVAILABLE HERE as a download on all usual formats or as a CD with original artwork.

Following their 2013 self-titled debut featuring a highly-praised epic poem and then embarking on a successful UK tour, Shadowflag have gained a loyal fanbase. Their unique ability to provide a swirling narrative accompaniment to their black and thrash metal influenced music has provided their listeners with a dark, thought- provoking and distinctively heavy experience. Expressions of life, death and gritty determination are captured within this latest release as the band explores new territories both musically and verbally. Inspired by the now infamous ‘Myths over Miami’ documentary, the band extend this potrayal of ‘existence despite everything’ and recognise it on a global scale. There are times and places right now where the abandoned experience the drought of humanity. Yet they survive through the worlds they weave and the dreams they realise. All surroundings become backdrops. and all of mankind become players. The innocence of the inflicted mind builds a fable with a sole purpose. To see them through another night.

The White Grave was recorded at Hellfire Studios III in April 2015. The album was mixed and mastered by Ajeet ‘Hellfire’ Gill, and was co-produced by Shadow Flag and Ajeet ‘Hellfire’ Gill.

Shadowflag are currently on a stage somewhere which is exactly where they belong. Be sure to seek them out. They have announced the release of their third album, 'The Delusion Machine' on June 23rd 2017.